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Our Green Initiatives

The RCS Green Service Saves You Money

Green does not cost more. RCS can save you money while providing the “Greenest” registration service in the industry. With our RCS Green Service almost everything is electronic and available at the touch of a key. Badges are still used but our Web Based badge systems uses environmentally friendly card stock that does not need to be pre-printed; you only pay for what you use. We print 4 color graphics and the information you define all at the same time. There is no guessing of how many of each badge type you need and you do not have to add a “Cushion” to your order which is often thrown away at the end of the event.

The RCS Green Service Eliminates Waste
We can personalize each badge with a category of registration to identify the wearer, so no more colored strips on a vinyl badge holder to identify exhibitors, attendees, press etc, we do it all in real time. Again no “Guessing” on how many of what color to order and no left over product to ship home, store or throw away.

The RCS Green Service Can Increase Your Revenue
We can provide the option of adding ‘Targeted Sponsorship” to a badge based on the code profile of the attendee; for example, you may have a sponsoring exhibitors who is showing “Widgets” in their booth, and if an attendee indicates on their registration they are interested in “Widgets”, then the sponsoring exhibitors logo and booth number could appear on the badge. A GREAT feature you can offer your Platinum and Gold sponsors.

Take a look at some of the details of the RCS Green Service

    • ECO Badge stock: 100% post consumer fibers; ACID FREE; FSC certified; Certified Process Chlorine Free; Made with 100% clean Energy; Hole punched to accept Bio Clip.
    • ECO Badge holders: Bio degradable push on style clips (BIO CLIPS) that can also attach to lanyards if desired, no vinyl badge holders needed. They weigh 70% less than vinyl badges so there is less shipping and handling to get them to your event.
    • ECO Badge Printers: Uses wax based non toxic inks that have less waste than color laser printers and uses no cartridges to dispose of in landfills. Recycled paper of any kind can be used with the same high-quality results. There are fewer CO2 emissions. Less fuel is used from shipping because solid ink packages are smaller and lighter than toner cartridges. Less energy is used to manufacture solid ink because of the simplicity of the design.
    • ECO Session Tracking: Wireless rechargeable scanners require no internet connection with real time session tracking and monitoring, with CEU time stamp calculations and certificate completion processing.
    • ECO Lead Retrieval: Wireless rechargeable devices that scan, store and send records to a password protected individual website. We set up the website for each exhibitor where they can download a copy of their leads in real time in an excel format or tab delimited format.
    • ECO Signaling: On board signaling capabilities in our Lead Retrieval units allow your exhibitors to contact your staff and suppliers via email message if they need assistance from Show Management, floor managers, decorators or lead retrieval. We can also program the units with custom qualifiers or survey software to meet the individual exhibitor’s needs.
    • ECO Reporting/systems: Real Time statistical reports in many categories plus customized reports as needed. All of our systems REPLICATE databases on multiple servers both onsite and at our facility. So there is never a chance of lost data. Real time credit card processing and financial reports make balancing a breeze. Web based registration allows us to leave your advance registration pages available all the way through the event, people could register from their hotel room and pick up a badge minutes later at the show.

Session/banquet/workshop caps and available space is monitored and locked down when capacity is filled, and can be adjusted on the fly if more seats are added.

    • ECO eBadge: Barcode scanners will read either printed or graphic barcode confirmations from registrants and generate a badge, while also verifying the attendance.
    • ECO Self registration: Our web based screens are the same screens used in advance and are quick and easy. We often rent our pc’s locally to save on transportation costs and environmental footprints, plus we try to support local businesses.
    • ECO Security: Many security features are incorporated into our system and features can be added to the badge to protect your show and the individual attendee’s information. Pictures can be added. Holograms can be added. “Back Stage” badge types can be produced. Scanners can be used and all data and transmissions are protected whether it’s financial or personal.

2008 Trade Show Executive Magazine Innovation of the Year Award
2008 IAEE Product of the Year Award
2009 Tradeshow Week Magazine Green Innovation of the Year Award


Geoffrey Bolton