Online Registration Services

Custom Designed Registration Website Fits Your Look

RCS works with you to design a registration website that fits the look of your event, giving registrants a seamless transition from your website to the registration website.

We have worked with RCS for many, many years. They are willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. We are a graphics association, so graphics are important to us, and they have…always made whatever changes we needed in their system to fit our requirements.
— S.H.

Registration Website Collects And Verifies Any Data You Require

We work with you to ensure your registration website collects all the information about registrants you might need. Whether you want to collect demographic information via a registration survey, control who can register by checking specific criteria such as a membership status, or offer a variety of discounts and have the website apply the best one automatically, we can do it all.

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is a priority for RCS and with over forty years in business, Registration Control Systems (RCS) prides itself not only on their state-of-the-art technology but also on close client relationships. Those relationships are rooted in trust and respect. Loyalty and excellence; enthusiasm and innovation are keywords for every RCS employee.

RCS believes direct contact between clients and their assigned team members is the most efficient and effective way to provide excellent service which also allows us to provide quick and flexible responses to our clients. To us, every event is the most important at the time it is occurring. Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal as a business.

Increase Pre-Registration and Revenue With Specialty Offers

Team up with RCS to increase your event's registration and revenue with pre-show discounts and advertising campaign. We develop special links that are easily incorporated into websites, ads and e-mails to direct people to your registration website. We also help you create an e-mail campaign with enticing offers from limited time discounts to registration upgrades and track the success of each special offer through our website. You can also track how many people take advantage of various badge options such as VIP, comp, etc.

Enhanced Registration Screens

Our Enhanced Registration Screens provide for additional capabilities to be creative. They also ease the registration experience by showing badge representations, adding the photo upload feature, as well as connecting your registration to social media.

Off-Set Event Costs With Online Sponsorships

Cut your costs by offering special advertising space on the registration website for your key sponsor(s).

One Stop Website For Session Selection, Hotel & Travel, and Payment

Our registration website can be designed to allow attendees to register, select sessions, make hotel & travel arrangements, and securely pay for everything with a single log-in. We can incorporate your hotel and travel options for them to choose from, or provide a selection arranged with one of our many travel partners.

RCS can also offer a turn-key solution for travel, housing and registration. Thanks to agreements with leading travel and housing specialists, RCS can provide seamless travel/housing/registration services to Show Managers. The RCS systems are connected on-line to the travel/housing system and data is transferred for badge production and reporting.

Real Time Secure Payment Processing

RCS can handle advance, onsite, and international payment processing. Our website processes all payments securely online, with real time authorization. This allows the funds to be directly deposited into your bank account. We manage all payment and refund processing for you.

Simple & Secure Online Registration For All Attendees

RCS helps increase your attendance by ensuring your registration website is user-friendly and providing phone support for any registration questions. In addition to collecting the information you need your registration website allows attendees to register individually or as a group, verify and update their registration information online at any time, and automatically offer the best registration options and discounts. Plus attendees will receive an immediate e-mail confirmation. Attendees can save time by registering with last year’s data, and duplicates avoided because everyone has a unique user name and password. We also maintain the highest standards to keep all payment and personal information safe and secure.


The RCS system matches the Attendee's interests with the Exhibitor’s products, providing Attendees with potentially valuable contact information prior to the event. This innovative service provided by Registration Control Systems can help event organizers maximize the business value of their event by bringing together Attendees and Exhibitors prior to the event.  The Matchmaker system provides Exhibitors with information to build relationships with potential buyers before the show.   The system optimizes networking and functions as a pre-event matchmaking tool.  Prior to going on-site Matchmaker helps Attendees determine the Exhibitors who have products and services of which they are most interested.


This year, we had record attendance and the registration process was flawless thanks to the professionalism, attention to detail, and effort provided by the RCS staff.
— M. M.


Onsite Registration Services

Full-Service And/Or Self-Service Options Available For On-Site Registration & Badge Pick Up

Give attendees the option to handle their own registration and badge pick up with our Island Pod set up. The Island Pod lay-out consists of several kiosks grouped together that allows attendees to simply scan a barcode from their registration confirmation e-mail to receive their badge in as little as 5 seconds per person. They can also register without a typist and pay securely by credit card without a cashier. Our Island Pod still has a handy staff member available for any questions as well. Or, if you want to provide a full-service registration set up, we can use our In-Line Pod design. The In-Line Pod is a more traditional registration set up with trained typists and cashiers to handle on-site registration, payment, and badge pick up.

Accurate On-Site Payment Processing For Cash, Check or Card

Attendees can easily upgrade or add services at your event. Our experienced Cash Managers reconcile daily all on-site cash transactions for you.

Community Building Photo Show

The RCS Photo Show Solution is unique in that it can provide the ability to deliver photo reports, photo directories, and most important, photo leads for exhibitors. Our photo Badges are printed onsite and can also provide added security at your show.

On-Site Registration Lay-Out Designed For Speed And Service

Your dedicated event team partners with you to design effective registration layouts that enable efficient and prompt on-site registration, badge and ticket pick up. Crowd control using the minimum amount of staff, space, and equipment is our responsibility. Our goal is to save you money while also keeping attendees satisfied! We are also able to set up remote registration locations via network in various areas of hotels and convention centers.

Professional Set Up And Testing Of All Equipment Before Event Opens

RCS brings in an entire crew of trained professionals to your event to set up and test all equipment ahead of time, so you can worry about more important things.

eBadge Express

Speeds registration, saves money and verifies attendance.

Targeted Badge Sponsorships

Targeted Sponsorship Badges from RCS provide exhibitors with an easy, efficient and cost effective way to get their company in front of selected qualified attendees.


RCS keeps on top of the changing technology, but always with a user-friendly approach. I typically ask our temporary staff in the various cities where we hold our trade show event for feedback on the registration software. The most common remarks are that it is very easy to learn and use. I love the reports and the reliability of the system.
— E. S.
It was a little embarrassing to see how easily our shows registration could be accommodated by a staff and system that knew what they were doing. In our history with the show, we hadn’t had things run so smoothly, RCS managed registration much more accurately and efficiently than any of our past vendors.
— D. N.


Event Attendance Promotion

Invite A Friend

With an “Invite a friend” button on the registration page Attendees are given the opportunity to share their plans with a colleague and invite them to attend the event. This innovative tool has proven to increase attendance and gets the word out about your event.

Exhibitor Invitations

RCS can provide a flexible software tool that allows exhibitors to invite their customers to the show. With this service exhibitors can:

  • Send emails to an unlimited number of customers and prospects, offering them customized information about the company, and a friendly reminder to stop by their booth during the show.

  • Upload the customer and prospect information to a secure data vault.

  • The company name, logo, booth number, and customized message is included … exhibitors can approve the message and the schedule.

  • Quicker than mailing and easy to track.

  • Lists of all sizes can be submitted.


RCS provides a flexible survey tool for collection of and analysis of participant interest data to better target attendee needs. Tailor your event with specific promotions to attract additional attendee’s. Get valuable information from your attendee’s to help make your event an overall better experience.


Alumni Invitations

Use your previous event data or any data you choose to invite potential Attendee’s to your event. Actively send the registration page via e-mail for quick and easy registration. The email will have a link to a pre-populated registration page. All the Attendee needs to do is confirm the information is correct, choose any sessions or programs and submit the registration.

Social Media Magnet

Thousands of people are using social media to connect with friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Take advantage of this huge potential customer base that allows a registrant to send show information to their social media contacts via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

With our Social Media Marketing & Community Building tools users will be able to:

  • Promote and create social portals via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

  • Create buzz with “Like” buttons

  • Display which friends have already registered

  • Allow registrants to invite friends

  • Allow Attendees to easily find the people they want to meet

  • Match Attendees with each other based on interests and skill set

  • Allow Attendees to set up one-on-one meetings and build customer schedules

  • Networking system so that after the pre-registration deadline registrants can talk to each other and see who else is going to the conference.


Badging Solutions To Fit Your Needs

Save Money With Low-Cost Options and Sponsorships

All credentials are processed in-house saving you money because we print everything ourselves, and never outsource to a third party. No matter the event size we print it all. Plus, with our eco-badge format printed on recycled paper, not only do you save money on the badge printing, but shipping costs are lower as well. Plus, you can off-set event costs by offering badge sponsorships. This allows your key sponsor(s) to advertise on the credentials, giving the best exposure possible during the event.

Badge Sample 2018.jpg
Targeted Sponsorship_v3.png

Choose the Badge Type

We have three basic badge options to choose from:

Eco-Badge - This cost-effective option is printed in four-colors on recycled paper. Designed to be held by one of our three economic clips, there is no need for a plastic badge holder (unless you want them). The lighter weight of the Eco-Badge and clip option saves you money not only in initial costs, but also in shipping. We offer security stock which has built in safe-guards to ensure credentials cannot be forged.

4-Color Badge - This is a traditional plastic badge. The primary advantage of a 4-Color Badge over our Eco-Badge is its durability. If it gets wet it won’t fall apart. This badge comes with our clear plastic badge holder for a crisp, professional looking package.

Black & White - Our Black & White Zebra desktop printers provide the fastest print speeds with the widest range of cutting-edge features. These printers are good for High Resolution badge printing and can print many badges per minute while taking up a very small footprint on the badge counter.


Multiple Badge ID Information Options

Depending on your event type and needs, you can choose how much or how little data you want stored in your badge IDs. We have six badge ID options to choose from starting from simple to complex:

Basic Information - Looking for a simple badge to identify everyone? Just ask and we can keep it as simple as you like with just a name and any other basic information you request printed on the badge. While this option doesn’t work with our lead retrieval system, it’s perfect for an event where lead retrieval is not needed.

ID# to Type In - For a small event, RCS can add an ID# to the basic information. The ID# can be typed in to collect leads, check access, and control CEU credits.

1D Barcode - The 1D barcode is the next level up to a badge with basic information and a barcode that can be scanned with our lead retrieval equipment. Simply scan the barcode to collect a lead, control access, track CEU credits, or any other option you request. While the barcode itself does not store data on the individual, it quickly accesses the information in our database.

2D Barcode - The 2D barcode is the most commonly used barcode and has all the same capabilities as the 1D barcode. However, the 2D barcode allows you to store data in the barcode, making it easier to collect leads, and control access with our lead retrieval equipment.

QR Code - The QR Code (or Quick Response Code) is our fastest growing code used on badges because of its fast readability and large storage capacity compared to standard UPC barcodes.

RFID - If you want a professional badge embedded with RFID technology RCS has a solution to meet your needs. RCS can integrate RFID tags into existing badge production processes and provide custom badge stock with embedded tags. These badges can be used to passively track the movement of attendees into and out of the show, sessions, or other show related events using RCS RFID tracking portals.

sample badge.jpg


Smart Confirmations & Mobile Badging*

*U.S. Patent 10,250,762

The Smart Confirmation empowers the attendees with the freedom to approach any mobile badging printer, in any location, enter the print station number on their smartphone, and have their badge and credentials printed.  It can also work in conjunction with the standard RCS Express Registration scanners to expedite badge printing for those attendees that want to use a traditional confirmation bar code.

Setup Anywhere

Completely portable, anywhere in the convention center, on a tour bus, in a hotel hall, at an airport… All you need is power!

Set up in minutes not days

Plug and play – Plug in the mobile badging module to an electrical outlet, that’s it, no setup, no internet drops, no cables!

Set up in square inches – not square yards

All that’s needed are badging modules. No PC’s, no scanners, no servers, no wires.

Reduces onsite registration personnel

Yes you might need some to handle special cases but there is a big reduction.

Smart Confirmation iPhone X.jpg

Reduces frustration

Eases the registration managers tasks, easy setup, move badging where and when its needed, no pre-printing of badge stock, simplifies the registration process for the attendee.

Mobile phone and tablet compatible

Minor pre-show mobile setup, show management and registrant can use any mobile device, all they need is a browser.

Remarkable reduction in onsite registration costs

Less equipment, less personnel, less space, less setup labor, less internet drops, less move-in time, less freight, no mailing costs, no pre-printed badge pickup costs, completely green with no waste!

With the help of RCS and over the past few years we have moved from paper registration forms and typists to sophisticated online attendee registration, online exhibitor registration that tracks allocation, web-based reporting that allows immediate access to data as well as to a number of sophisticated reports, and web based on-site self-registration. RCS is clearly the leader in registration technology.
— T. B.


Over 20 Years Experience Producing The Super Photo Badge

ASI Show Badge Sample 2018.jpg

A high quality color picture can be printed onsite, directly on the badge, in color. Many photos are received on-line in advance of the event. On-site registrants’ pictures are taken and transferred to the badge is less than 30 seconds. Once a photo database is built, the same electronic photos can be used for many years, not unlike a driver’s license, or the photo database can be voluntarily updated by the attendee/member online, always under your control.

RCS provides leads for the exhibitors that have an image attached to the lead, an enhancement that prompts the sales staff to make a connection with the potential customer and motivates them to act and to feel good selling. The photo attached to a sales lead keeps the relationship established with a client alive and fosters future communication. Enhanced photo show registration makes the event more valuable for all participants.

A photo directory helps personalize the event before, during and after the show. Putting faces with names can increase and make easier the networking and connection possibilities, and increase the value of the event for everyone. A photo directory that can be used all year is built for the show incorporating the photo’s collected for the event and/or those that are available from the events sponsor.


Much more than a face on a badge

Here are 4 great reasons a photo badge can take your show to a whole new level:

Provide greater security

Using photo badges for security reasons is an obvious choice because it is easy to match the badge-holder to the person wearing the badge with merely a glance. Trading badges or dual entrance would be impossible with the photo badge.

Enhance lead follow-up

Because generating qualifying leads is the number one reason for exhibiting at a trade show, it stands to reason that the best leads will be those you remember and can reference notes or ideas during follow-up. Psychological studies prove that photographs can trigger memories and associations with the face and help in recall of vital information. Studies also show that contacts made during the trade show are more numerous and intense because of the time constraints. Also, the sales generated from the contacts made at a trade show equals success.

Can easily be integrated into an existing database

Once the information has been gathered and organized it is simple to integrate into existing databases for Show Management and Exhibitors.

Create a sense of community

Comprehensive reports before, during and after a show can help Exhibitors and Attendees feel more prepared. Knowing the activity of Attendees (everything from booths visited to seminars attended) helps Exhibitors plan contact strategies and qualify leads before, during and after the show. Knowing Attendees preferences and creating a visual database helps generate feelings of familiarity between Attendees and Exhibitors. This familiarity assists in building a sense of community.