Complete Onsite Integration with your On-Line Event Registration System

If you have your advance on-line registration completed by your own system or by a third party and need professional onsite event registration support RCS onsite-only registration systems are the answer.

Forty-five years of experience providing onsite systems and staff for full custom tradeshow registration are available as an onsite-only registration services. All the features of the RCS full custom registration services are available. Most importantly RCS can integrate our services with your other tools. Even the most advanced event and trade show registration systems are not useful onsite if they don’t integrate smoothly with the tools you are already using. One of the big values of the RCS onsite-only registration service is that it can be customized to completely integrate with your current systems so you can efficiently use what you are familiar and trained to use and all the data is integrated and remains in one, your, database.

Another important element is the experienced staff that RCS provides. Our teams manage many events each year. They are there to assure that registration runs smoothly for you and all your attendees, all the way from designing and setting up registration areas, to managing technology and coordinating traffic flow. We know what’s best and what isn’t. Our job is to ensure that onsite registration is both cost effective and painless for you and your guests.


Onsite Integration with RCS Smart Confirmations & Mobile Badging*

*U.S. Patent 10,250,762

The Smart Confirmation empowers the attendees with the freedom to approach any mobile badging printer, in any location, enter the print station number on their smartphone, and have their badge and credentials printed.  It can also work in conjunction with the standard RCS Express Registration scanners to expedite badge printing for those attendees that want to use a traditional confirmation bar code.


Setup Anywhere

Completely portable, anywhere in the convention center, on a tour bus, in a hotel hall, at an airport… All you need is power!

Set up in minutes not days

Plug and play – Plug in the mobile badging module to an electrical outlet, that’s it, no setup, no internet drops, no cables!

Set up in square inches – not square yards

All that’s needed are badging modules. No PC’s, no scanners, no servers, no wires.

Reduces onsite registration personnel

Yes you might need some to handle special cases but there is a big reduction.

Smart Confirmation iPhone X.jpg
xerox color printer.jpg

Reduces frustration

Eases the registration managers tasks, easy setup, move badging where and when its needed, no pre-printing of badge stock, simplifies the registration process for the attendee.

Mobile phone and tablet compatible

Minor pre-show mobile setup, show management and registrant can use any mobile device, all they need is a browser.

Remarkable reduction in onsite registration costs

Less equipment, less personnel, less space, less setup labor, less internet drops, less move-in time, less freight, no mailing costs, no pre-printed badge pickup costs, completely green with no waste!